Training and helping your dog

Courses run by dog trainers

There are a number of courses run by trainers for dogs including British collies.

Puppy Socialisation

Puppies up to the age of four months with vaccination certificate. Classes in disinfected rooms. Socialisation with other people and dogs. Good manners. How to avoid frequent problems. Recalls, sits, stands.

Puppy Novice

Follows on from puppy socialisation. More interaction between puppy/handler and others. Simple commands will be practised and more development will take place.


For dogs older than 26 months up to any age who might not have had any formal training. The course involves recalls, sits, stands, stopping jumping up, lead walking.


A class for those dogs that have finished a Newcomers course and want to continue their development.


This continues the Puppy Novice and uses stays and recalls with distractions, recall with a stop and send aways.


For dogs who have finished a Graduate class and must be trained to reasonable standard. Will include recalls with stops and distractions.


For dogs who have finished at least 3 courses and are of a good standard.

One-to-One Training

Pro advice and training with a qualified trainer. Training will be tailored to individual requirements with the assistance of a training programme and guidance.

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Training and helping your dog

We train dogs such as British collies to help transform the lives of people with physical disabilities, most of whom are wheelchair users. Our partners live with a variety of different disabling conditions, some of which are from birth and others have been acquired during their lifetime. Each partner has different levels of ability and as such different needs.

We train our dogs to respond to a wide range of commands, enabling them to carry out a vast number of tasks for their partner and all applicants individual needs are taken into consideration when the 'matching' process takes place.

Collies and Labradors

Our dogs are British collies and from the retriever breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers and crosses of these breeds. We choose dogs for their ability and desire to help and train our dogs using the most up to date reward based methods.

Some of the applicants who have applied to Canine Partners have lived for many months and even years without leaving their home and for them a canine partner is truly a life enhancing experience - literally opening doors enabling them to enjoy a greater independence. Others have an active life but need some additional help in order to enable them to continue living life the way they want to.

Courses for dog owners

Special Needs Classes

A class tailored to help dogs and their owners tackle with problems associated with fear and aggression aimed at other dogs or people.

Carefully controlled rehabilitation takes place in small groups (maximum 4 dogs)and hopes to provide a total support system to the owner.

Behaviour Clinic

The behaviour clinic is managed on the basis of Veterinary referrals with a pet behaviour counsellor. The clinic is tailored to tackle problems such as anti-social behaviour, phobias, separation anxiety and related disorders (chewing, loss of house training), and obsessive compulsive disorders.

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